Welcome to my blog!

Hello, everyone!
Welcome to my weblog. As you may know, I do regular posts at http://www.changingaging.org, and occasional posts for wnyapcc.org and supportseniors.org, as well as updates on Facebook (Al Power) and Twitter (alpower12).
I will be using this page to try and reach even more people out there with ideas about aging, culture change in elder care, aging in community and new approaches to dementia, as well as occasional info on music and the arts and whatever else strikes my fancy.
Join in, comment, connect, correspond!

Al Power


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3 Responses to Welcome to my blog!

  1. Dementia Beyond Drugs by Dr. Power is phenomenal. Applicable to institutional elders who are overmedicated and suffer from pains of the human spirit manifested into clinical complexities. I highly reccomend it!!

  2. Amy Lukken says:

    Hi Dr. Power,
    I’m in charge for cultural change within my company and “the world” so to speak. My role falls under our “Social Sustainability” endeavors. Strangely enough, a young lady by the name of Jane Heald passed your name on to me. I build think tanks of our nation’s futuristic leaders….Tribal Gatherings: Best Minds sharing their Best Practices. I would like to connect with you and speak to you more about this Gathering. We are hosting a Senior Living Tribal Gathering in Georgia September 19th-21st and Jane said you may be in Nashville or the SE somewhere then. Sorry to use your blog to reach you-trying all formats these days. May we connect?

    • apeden10 says:

      Absolutely Amy!
      I’m at apower@stjohnsliving.org. Unfortunately, I will be out of the office at workshops much of this week, but can look in at night.
      More unfortunately, I will be far away on 9/19-21 (on my way back from speaking in Singapore to another engagement in Denver).
      My Nashville/Chattanooga visit looks to be November 17-18th.
      But let’s connect and who knows what else might happen?

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