Aging in 1948 – How different, how similar?

Thanks to Joe Angelelli for finding this amazing video from 1948. An early look toward the modern nursing home.
Some of it seems dated and silly, some sadly still true today!

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One Response to Aging in 1948 – How different, how similar?

  1. Tryn Rose Smith says:

    I liked the video. It seems we haven’t traveled very far from this moment; I was just trying to answer some questions about Alzheimer’s, and I sounded like the social worker: “I can give you information and share experiences, and then you’ll have to make your own decision” and “If it’s not so stressful for you to have a parent at home, things are fine for you. If it’s too much stress on the whole family system, then perhaps a community would be better for you and for him.”

    I hope the communities in the country can keep providing interesting ways for people who live there to spend their time. More weaving… 🙂

    Thanks for bringing this video out again, out from our own history, to consider and improve upon.

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