Further Musings on Ringo and the Lads…

Random thoughts from my elementary school years as a young “Beatlemaniac”:

I seem to recall that he got nicknamed “Ringo” due to his propensity to wear jewelry (i.e., rings). By the time The Beatles debuted on The Ed Sullivan Show, Richard Starkey had already become Ringo Starr.

He tended to “play the fool”, but actually had a very sharp sense of humor. He was not known for his singing, not even for his drumming, but in retrospect he gave the band exactly the rhythmic drive they needed to launch their new sound.

When I was a kid, lots of people took up drums and everyone wanted a Ludwig drum set, so they could play drums like The Beatles.

His solo songs tended to be the “novelty” hits, like “Yellow Submarine” and “Octopus’ Garden”. But he also had the honor of singing what IMHO is one of the most perfectly crafted pop songs of all time: “A Little Help from My Friends”.

Everyone, male and female, had a “favorite Beatle”. Most gravitated to the flashier heartthrobs, Paul or John. My favorite was George because he was more shy and introspective (as I was), and because his first name was George (as was mine, though I was never called by my first name). Plus he played some legendary guitar hooks that nearly half a century later are still immediately recognizable to millions.

Start a Beatles song–I can still remember the words and music to dozens of them. Lennon and McCartney churned out #1 hits like most people post blogs. In popular songwriting of the rock ‘n’ roll era, they were the best, period.

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