Limiting Choice of Doctors

The New York Times ( reports that the nation’s largest insurers are now offering plans to corporations that reduce premiums, but limit one’s choice of physicians as a trade-off. This will no doubt cause an outcry among those who resisted the health care bill, claiming that the Administration told us this wouldn’t happen. But let’s look at the facts:

The government-backed plan, which was the one that we were told would not limit choice, was largely rejected by Congress. This option is being forwarded by private health plans, as a way to maintain their bottom line at a time when the need for affordable rates is increasing their competition.

In addition, it may not all be a bad thing. If health care costs are skyrocketing, and some doctors charge too much for health care, they may find they are excluded. I believe this is our good old free market at work here, isn’t it?

So don’t blame the government for eroding choice in favor of cost efficiency, (as the health care bill opponents warned us would happen). The insurance companies do that very well, thank you, without the government’s help.

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