Irene Zola Profiled by VOA News

Kudos to Irene Zola, founder of Morningside Village in New York’s Upper West Side, for her profile in VOA News!

Morningside Village is a movement started in 2009 to help older adults in the area stay in their homes successfully. Here’s the story:

Quote of the week: “Death is not the ultimate tragedy of life. The ultimate tragedy is depersonalization – dying (or living) in an alien and sterile area, separated from the spiritual nourishment that comes from being able to reach out to a loving hand, separated from a desire to experience things that make life worth living, separated from hope” Norman Cousins, Anatomy of an Illness (1979) .

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One Response to Irene Zola Profiled by VOA News

  1. Irene Zola says:

    Beautiful quote from Cousins! It explains why so many older adults in nursing homes suffer from depression and why, according to a NY Times article last January, approximately 70% of residents are treated with psychotropic medication for depression. How wonderful that people like you are developing cost effective, life-affirming options to the traditional modern nursing home.

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