The “Plus/Delta” on My Trip So Far…

Reporting from high over Lake Tahoe…

Well, the “plus” is that I had a wonderful two days at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehab, which is really mostly a long-term care facility in San Francisco. The “delta”, well, is Delta. My suitcase of 20 copies of my book (to have been sold to the people lined up for it in SF) is still MIA (“missing in action”, not “Miami International Airport”, although it could be there, for all we know…). Thank you Delta.

Anyway, I had a great Grand Rounds session and many many hour-long visits, with about 10 differerent departments or groups of staff. Enough to add a lot of sunshine to the perpetually fogbound summer they are having out there.

The staff have already enjoyed culture change sessions with Barbara Frank, Cathie Brady and David Farrell, so they were well-primed for my dementia presentation. I was impressed by the number of questions they asked about how to operationalize culture change. That shows they understand my approach to dememntia better than most.

A group from Sacramento was in attendance. They are working on an Alzheimer’s education curriculum for the state and were using “stock” resources, but now want to get my book and revise their materials to reflect my approach. YAY!

I’ve been “absent” from the blog – lots more to share, so I’ll post in chapters and see if I can get my visitors back after 5 days AWOL.

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