Mindfulness and Dementia

Thanks to Marguetite Manteau-Rao for her comment in the Huffington Post after reading my blog: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marguerite-manteaurao/the-good-news-about-alzhe_b_689844.html

I agree with her point that an approach to mindfulness-based stress reduction that adds components of her Zen Hospice model and the Eden Alternative model (which informs much of the framework of my approach to dementia) would be a good marriage for care partners and people living with dementia.

Many practical aspects of this approach are touched on in my book, but this could be fleshed out in more detail and provide a valuable, user-friendly guide that can be better individualized to each person’s situation. We may have a new project in the works…

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2 Responses to Mindfulness and Dementia

  1. Thank you Al. I look forward to discussing further with you!

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