Oh Yes, and I Almost Forgot..

By the time most of you read this it’ll be the morning of September 11th. My day is drawing to a close.

My friend Mala Manap is lamenting that her Ducati Multistrada 1100 didn’t show up in time for my visit, as I can’t fit on her scooter. Mala, who organized my trip over here and was my main tour guide last year, has just finished celebrating Idit Fitr–the feast that ends the fasting of Ramadan.

There is a large Islamic population in Singapore, and we are surrounded by millions more in Indonesia and Malaysia. And when I travel around, even through the Arab Quarter, all is as usual. Sure, I could be German or Australian, but no dirty looks, no excessive buzz about the day (except for those CNN feeds).

Of course, there are some spots in the world where I wouldn’t feel safe today. But it’s nice to be away from the US fear-based media, so one can appreciate that that we should not fear Islam, and that we pay far too much attention to the lunatic fringe that hijack our news reports with their hatred and intolerance. I am sorry to say I feel I’ll have to do some apologizing for the nutjobs back home, who do not represent the real America any more than Al Qaeda represents true Islam.

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