Don’t Sneeze on Me; I Might Gain Weight!

Sitting out the remains of a typhoon in Hong Kong and hoping tonight’s flight will be on time…

A new study ( has found a link between a common respiratory virus (adenovirus 36) and childhood obesity. The study showed that children with anrtibodies to AD36 (indicating a history of prior exposure or infection) weighed on average almost 35 pounds more than those without.

Once again, a study that shows an association–but no suggestion of a causal link–is likely to cause a firestorm where there is likely no reason. It is far more likely that kids who are obese are less healthy and more prone to infections.

Increasingly, we see children who are fed on soda pop and all manner of other high-fructose corn syrup products, frequenting fast food joints and spending hours in front of all manner of computer/TV/phone screens instead of being physically active. Plus the genetic factor. Do we really need to look for a virus to tell us how to combat obesity??

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