Where’s My Health Care???

Sorry, but I can’t resist this one.

New House Representative Andy Harris (R-MD), an anesthesiologist who defeated his opponent by promising to overturn “Obamacare” has arrived in DC and he is angry. Why is he angry?

It seems he has to wait a month to receive his government-run health care policy and he’s upset about the wait.

When told by congressional staffers that the policy would go into effect on February 1st, rather than his January 3rd swearing-in date, he wondered why it took so long and asked what he was supposed to do for a month without health care.

Harris then asked if he could purchase a month of coverage to straddle the gap.

So…Obamacare is such a horrible concept that he can’t think of going for a month without it? And covering 50 million uninsured people is too expensive for the country, but even a doctor can’t last 28 days on his own? Hmmm….

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One Response to Where’s My Health Care???

  1. Karen Overturf says:

    Health Care affects us all in one form or another. But for health care, many care givers must work, instead of having the family home with them. I look forward to the day when we can prove it’s possible for care givers and their elders to do all they need to do, because we’ve given them the tools and companionship they need.

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