More on “Senior Housing”…

My colleague Mimi DeVinney suggested an game based on the “Caution – Senior Housing” sign I mentioned on Monday. Mimi thought it would be fun to think of possible tag lines to add to the sign.

Here are Mimi’s submissions:
“Caution – Senior Housing…”

…..Your Future Awaits.

…. Elders Crossing.

…. Proof of Age Required.

…. Elders Have Right of Way.

…. Houses Might Fall on You. (Get it? The houses are old! hahaha!)

…. If the Houses are Rockin’, Don’t Come Knockin’!

…. Youngsters Will Be Prosecuted Upon Entering.

…..No One Here Gets Out Alive.

And the topper:
…..No Bullshit Tolerated!

Any others out there?

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