Engagement is Good Exercise Too!

A recent post from Carol Bradley Bursack of ElderCareLink challenges the notion that people need to exercise their brains with complex mind games, in order to preserve cognitive health.

As usual, many people (particularly Boomers) have a tendency to jump on fads that may forestall a condition like Alzheimer’s, which so many people contemplate with dread. But does Sudoku really give you an edge? Artificial brain games may eventually suffer the same fate as nutritionals like beta-carotene have when put to rigorous testing. Sometimes when you take a good concept (like certain vegetables) and try to “distill and bottle” one component for rapid consumption, the results are less than stellar.

Perhaps, as Bradley Bursack suggests, it is the actual process of engagement–using your brain in stimulating and meaningful ways–that improves barin health, rather than sterile brain teasers.

Food for thought. Here’s the post: http://blog.eldercarelink.com/2011/01/hardcore-brain-training-may-not-be-all-that-helpful/

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One Response to Engagement is Good Exercise Too!

  1. Karen Overturf says:

    I read that post. Here’s my opinion,
    If one feels a game is improving the way of doing things, yeah, building new neural pathways have to be helpful, since the body is adaptable, and may be able to use those paths to replace ones that go away. If it’s just passing time, find a new game or play the Wii.

    “Senior moments” probably are more the amount of information that we are absorbing day to day… and just like a overloaded and slowed computer, we take awhile to come up with the information. if we just learned how to dump “the garbage,” we’d probably have a lot less to worry about and a lot better time finding the information we want! Alzheimers and other dementias may actually be our biological computer crashing, and taking information we don’t want it to take!

    In your book, you mention finding a back door (I forget which story that was) to someone’s memory, which is something hackers use to get information they want. The effort to deal with the “slow computer” (Dementia) without (Beyond) feeding it a bunch of chemicals (Drugs) in attempt to reprogram it may be exactly what we must do! (Listen to Dr. Power!)

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