On the Road Again…

I just landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, where I’ll be giving a 2-day seminar on the experiential approach to dementia–Day 1 as an intensive workshop for 350 care professionals and Day 2 as a deeper, train-the-trainer look into the model. The seminar is part of the Arkansas Innovative Performance Program, sponsored by the Health & Human Services Department. Afterward, I’ll be addressing a UAMS Medical Directors’ forum.

This trip kicks off my 2011 tour season, starting with a very busy 5 weeks, in which I’ll be giving 25 talks in 12 cities in the US, Canada and Denmark.

Ironically, travel time gives me the space I need to get to the blog more regularly. I’m also linking the posts from here more directly with Changing Aging’s site.

Between this week and April 1st, I’ll be speaking in Pleasant Hill, Chattanooga and Nashville Tennessee, Brogarden and Copenhagen Denmark, Auburn and Ithaca New York, then Toronto, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Seattle. Will I see you in my travels?

Lots more talks booked from April onward to November–check out the details of my schedule at http://www.alpower.net.

I’ll report on my experiences here, and comment on a couple of recent posts as well. Thanks for looking in!

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