Birkelund–Denmark’s Newest Eden Home

After the induction ceremony, we were all invited into a room that was decorated with the story of this marvelous home. Inside was a cornucopia of scrapbooks, photos, mementos, decorations and testimonials that were moving as well as inspirational for all of us.

Particularly moving were several of the posted photos, as they showed the power of real relationships. These photos included elders caring for each other in times of illness and death and for small children as well. One striking photo showed how the staff rallied to assist a woman with dementia who could not settle down and sleep in her room alone.

New to the Eden registry, yet light years ahead of so many homes in the world…

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2 Responses to Birkelund–Denmark’s Newest Eden Home

  1. joe angelelli says:

    Really enjoying your accounts of your travels – thanks for sharing!

  2. Freda says:

    These are truly moving and special photographs. Thank you for sharing them.

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